Do you often find yourself looking tired and weary because of those puffy eyes?
Confused about what is causing them and wondering how to avoid the discomfort? Here’s all you need to know about puffy eyes and its remedies!

Do you often find yourself with puffy looking eyes? Puffy eyes and dry eyes are two separate conditions that contribute to tired eyes. There are several common issues that lead to those swollen, droopy eyes. Some of them are:

  • Not getting enough sleep.
  • Sleeping too much, in some cases
  • Allergies that are causing your irritated eyes or itchy eyes.
  • Staring at your digital devices for too long (computer, TV, phones and video game console).
  • Reading for too long or driving for too long a distance without taking periodic breaks.
  • 'Dry eye syndrome' which occurs when your tear glands do not produce the right amount or quality of tears thus causing a chronic lack of moisture in the eyes.
  • Prolonged exposure to bright light, or trying to see in dimly lit conditions.
  • Farsightedness (inability to see close objects).
  • Astigmatism (having an abnormally curved cornea that causes vision issues).


How to prevent and treat puffy eyes:

Even though there are people who are genetically predisposed to getting puffy eyes as they age, the rest of us could actually get them because we tend to put ourselves in unfavourable situations that lead to irritated eyes. Apart from several cosmetic surgery options for those who have naturally puffy eyes, you can also turn towards the following options as forms of remedies for puffy and itchy eyes: 

  • Drink lots of fluid to keep your eyes, and body in general, well hydrated.
  • Take less salt in your food.
  • Gently apply iced compresses to your eyes when you realize that your lids are swollen.
  • Find medically recommended creams and skin products that are specifically formulated for use around your eyes.
  • Include a lot of potassium in your diet by eating fruits such as bananas. This will help get rid of excess fluids in your body.
  • You can use some home remedies such as applying chilled tea bags or cucumber slices over your closed eyelids before you sleep.
  • Spend enough time getting quality sleep, at least 6 hours every night.
  • Apply a clean washcloth that has been dipped in ice cold whole milk to your eyes for about fifteen minutes. The fat found in whole milk is an effective soothing component. Additionally, the proteins, lactic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and amino acids found in whole milk are also other agents that can help reduce eye puffiness and irritation1.
  • Use medically recommended eye drops such as Blink Tears Lubricating Eye Drops. This will help hydrate the eyes which are otherwise dry and tired as a result of irritation caused by different allergies.
  • Also, splash some cold water over your face every now and again.