Artificial Tears is a one-stop, calming eye lubricant solution for your infuriating dry-eye problems and much more. Read on to know how! 

Ever been so troubled by dry eyes that you couldn't even cry when you wanted to? The many causes of dry eyes can be quite infuriating to tackle but the most common  reasons for dry eyes is either tear film disruption or irregular distribution of the tear film in the eyes1. But there's one easy solution to battling the debilitating condition, which almost always works - Artificial Tears.

For those of you who are unaware, Artificial Tears are eye drops that act as lubricants. They are used to treat the dryness and irritation associated with the deficit of tears in dry eyes. Available over-the-counter, these eye drops may be used to treat itchy eyes and other dry eye symptoms that result from eye allergies, aging, medications, eye surgery or factors such as smoky or windy environmental conditions. They are also used to moisten contact lenses and during eye examinations. Studies have assessed that the use of these Artificial Tears have improved the optical quality of dry eyes.2

Apart from lubricating your irritated eyes, some eye allergy drops also contain electrolytes. These additives may promote healing of the surface of the eyes. Artificial tears may also contain thickening agents, which keep the solution on the surface of your eyes longer. 

Wondering if any of this is true? Do you have doubts about Artificial Tears being a placebo effect instead of a treatment for irritated eyes?  

Studies show that using artificial tears every few hours can provide temporary relief from symptoms of dry eyes. The primary content in these artificial tears, Hydroxypropyl cellulose, stabilizes and thickens the precorneal tear film, and prolongs the tear film breakup time. In simple terms, eye drops lead to an increase in the thickness of the tear film coating the eye. They also prolong the time required for the surface of the eye to lose moisture after each blink.