Have you ever felt that itchy, burning sensation in your eyes and ignored it? Eye Fatigue can end up plaguing your personal and professional life in the long run. Identify early symptoms of eye fatigue and remember these simple remedies!

In as much as we are keen in taking care of our general health, we tend to forget that our eyes also need the care that we give to the rest of our bodies. Our eyes, just like any other part of the body, also get tired after long hours of working, especially when these long hours involve maximum concentration. This is why eye problems like eye fatigue have become increasingly common in the recent past. Studies* show that eye fatigue constitutes over 10 million eye diagnoses every year.

What is eye fatigue?

Eye fatigue, commonly referred to as eye strain, is a condition which occurs when the eyes feel tired. Fatigued eyes often are accompanied by an itchy or a burning sensation.

Signs and symptoms of eye fatigue: 

Besides the eyes feeling and looking tired and droopy, there are other signs and symptoms which manifest due to eye fatigue. These include:

  • Redness of the eyes
  • Sore eyes accompanied by a burning sensation
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches or pain along the eyebrow area

While some of these symptoms may seem minor, some symptoms like headaches and blurry vision should not be ignored because they may be a sign of an underlying problem or illness, and may not always point to eye fatigue. Additionally, when the symptoms persist and are not treatable with common remedies, you should see an eye specialist or an ophthalmologist to determine the problem and the most appropriate treatment.

Remedies for eye fatigue:

Since eye fatigue is not a serious ailment, simple home remedies and over the counter prescriptions will easily relieve the associated symptoms. Here are some remedial measures which may help you avoid eye strain and relieve fatigued eyes:

  • Rest - Just like the body, the eyes also need rest when they are tired. This simple remedy of adequate rest will ensure your eyes get the necessary relaxation they need to replenish themselves and function properly. Rest here would mean taking a break from all strenuous activities and letting your eyes at ease without focusing on a specific thing. This enables your eyes to recuperate and bounce back to their regular healthy state.
  • Protective eyewear - Whenever you can, protect your eyes to minimize straining them, especially when using computers, while driving and when outdoors in the sun. Invest in protective sunglasses good enough to protect your eyes from UV radiations.
  • Eye drops and artificial tears - When your eyes get dry, it might be an indication that they are being strained too much. Apply calming eye drops or artificial tears to moisturize them1. Blink Tears Lubricating Eye Drops provides the calming, soothing effect for dry eyes and strained eyes. If in doubt about which eye drops are most suitable for you, have your doctor issue you a prescription.

Fatigued eyes if left untreated may develop into a more serious eye condition. Helping relieve your eyes from fatigue can go a long way in ensuring healthy and happy eyes. However there are quite a few preventive measures which when followed don't allow the onset of eye fatigue.

Read more about these preventive measures here. (Links to EYE FATIGUE: SYMPTOMS AND REMEDIES) 



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