Are you daunted every other morning by those puffy, tired eyes? Read on to know some simple tricks for looking fresher every morning!

Puffy eyes are a condition where the eyes and the connective tissue around them along with the eyelids start to swell. Waking up with puffy eyes can be quite a task to deal with. The condition can sometimes be accompanied by dry eye syndrome, a situation where the eye glands don't produce enough tears and the eyes start to dry out, resulting in redness and swelling. At first glance, the two conditions may look quite similar; however they have different causes and should be dealt with differently. 

So what are the causative factors for dry and puffy eyes?
Dry eye syndrome usually occurs when the body's natural tear production cycle is disrupted in some way while puffy eyes are caused by a number of reasons such as stress, crying, insufficient sleep, and allergic reactions. Too much sodium in the diet is also a contributing factor for puffy eyes.

Certain people are more prone to getting puffy and dry eyes than others. Lifestyle differences sometimes contribute to your chance of being affected by these conditions, and your physiology makes a difference as well. For instance how susceptible you are to allergies or your sleep patterns determine how much these conditions can affect you.

Getting rid of those dry eyes or puffy eyes:

While the reasons are plenty, the best way to stop your eyes from getting puffy or dry is by identifying and fixing the root cause. In the meantime, you can use some of these remedies to help mitigate the symptoms of these conditions.