Dry eyes and associated inflammation are huge causes for concern, especially because of the magnitude of discomfort.

Dysfunctional tear secretion glands lead to changes in tear composition which, in turn, stimulates the production of inflammatory agents on the eyes.This causes tear secretion to lower further or not happen at all.

This vicious cycle between inflammation and dry eyes is a cause of more intense ocular surface diseases.1 Keeping inflammation in check is therefore crucial. Though inflammation may be caused by various other factors like eye diseases, here are some ways to prevent inflammation due to dry eyes:

Include essential fatty acids in your diet: Though essential fatty acids are important for the overall health, they become even more significant when dealing with dry eye syndrome2. Since they can only be obtained throughconsumption, it is important thata diet rich in carbon omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids is a part ofyour lifestyle. The addition of nutritional supplements can also help in case of deficiencies.

Limit exposure to adverse environments: For those prone to dry eyes, it would help immensely if they reduce exposure or completely stay away from dry environments. Also,the use of medications like antihistamines and antidepressants must be reduced or eliminated as they are known to cause decreased tear production or increased tear evaporation2.

Use Cyclosporine: Cyclosporine is an anti-inflammatory medication and has proven to be effective in treating inflammation of the eyes by inducing the natural tear production. Clinical research has shown that cyclosporine decreases superficial punctate keratitis, and ocular irritation symptoms i.e.sandy or gritty feeling, dryness, and itchy eyes. The dosage and duration of use of Cyclosporine needs to be prescribed by the doctoron acase to case basis.

Use Steroid Eye Drops: Again, if prescribed by your ophthalmologist, steroid eye drops or Corticosteroids are quite effective in treating inflammation of the eyes3. Topically applied androgen and estrogen steroid hormones are known to show promising results when used along with other treatments. Though the steroid level is low and only limited to the eye, it makes sense to discuss your medical history in detail when choosing to go for this treatment.

Use Tetracyclines: Tetracyclinesare oral medications that have anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties, making them very effective in combating chronic inflammatory diseases. The composition of Tetracycline helps fight bacterial production thereby reducing instances of excess inflammatory secretions in the eyes1.

Keep theinflamed area clean: Keep your eye lids clean and soothed with a hypoallergenic, sterile lid wipe like blink Lid Clean Cleansing Eye Lid Wipe. Its soothing, rinse-free formula with chamomile is gentle on sensitive skin and suitable for children and babies.

From pre-empting eye inflammation to managing and treating the disease, dry eye syndrome can be a major irritant affecting the quality of life of the patient. Inflammation of various degrees can create a lot of discomfort.The right medical advice and guidance is the key tokeeping uneasiness at bay.


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